Department of Public Health · University of Basel

Subject areas / Promotionsfächer

Training and research are essential to the mission and strategic goals of the Department of Public Health. Strategies of DPH in view of education is to disseminate knowledge to students, health professionals, relevant institutions, and other stakeholders through a broad range of educational programs, covering higher levels of university education. We offer a wide range of  doctoral studies in public health.

Promotionsfächer offered by Medical Faculty:

  • Biomedical Ethics and Bioethics
  • Clinical Research
  • Epidemiology/Public Health
  • Insurance Medicine
  • Medicine Development
  • Nursing Science
  • Sport Science

INTER-FACULTY Promotionsfach offered by Science Faculty:

  • Epidemiology

A  major focus of SSPH+ is the coordination and promotion of the public health education and training on the pre and postgraduate levels to strengthen the public health work force. The SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health is a training- and networking program of the Swiss School of Public Health. The PhD program aims to provide students in a discipline relevant to Public Health the best possible preparation for their role as public health scientists and experts.