Department of Public Health · University of Basel

Subject areas / Promotionsfächer

DPH offers a wide range of  doctoral studies in public health.

Promotionsfächer offered by Medical Faculty:

  • Biomedical Ethics and Bioethics
  • Clinical Research
  • Epidemiology/Public Health
  • Insurance Medicine
  • Medicine Development
  • Nursing Science
  • Sport Science

INTER-FACULTY Promotionsfach offered by Science Faculty:

  • Epidemiology


A  major focus of SSPH+ is the coordination and promotion of the public health education and training on the pre and postgraduate levels to strengthen the public health work force. The SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health is a training- and networking program of the Swiss School of Public Health. The PhD program aims to provide students in a discipline relevant to Public Health the best possible preparation for their role as public health scientists and experts.