Department of Public Health · University of Basel

Annual reports

Year report DPH 2017 – a brief summary

In line with its strategy, the Department of Public Health launched the INSPIRE (Implementation of an Integrated Community-based Care Program for Senior Citizens) project in Basel Landschaft with all DPH partners.

DPH built the pilot study for a Switzerland-wide health cohort and biobank of 100,000 citizens as a basis for biomonitoring and personalized health (Swiss TPH & ISPM, UNIL). In addition, a Swiss-wide study was carried out on general practitioners for dementia care (uniham-bb).

Successful DPH funding (eg NFP, SAMS, SNSF, Swiss Cancer League) and significant publications show strong research activity in 2017.

There were 5 Venia Docendi (habilitations) awarded.

Prof. Regina Kunz (EbIM) received the title “Highly Cited Researcher” (Thomson Reuters as one of two scientists at UNIBAS).

Prof. Marcel Tanner gave his closing lecture “no roots – no fruits”. We thank him from the bottom of his heart that he, as a colleague, remains true to the further development of the DPH.