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* contact persons DPH (see below)

Departments of Medical Faculty at the University of Basel are defined as «research units, to which research groups organisationally belong».

The Department of Public health in the Faculty of Medicine is an interdisciplinary department with two full members (i.e. European Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Nursing Science) and one associate member (i.e. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute).

In addition, DPH has several other members with dual departmental affiliation, representing co-membership of the Department Clinical Research (Basel Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics, Evidence-Based Insurance Medicine, Institute of Primary Care Medicine) as well as Department of Exercise and Health Sciences. The interfaculty Institute of Biomedical Ethics is linked to the faculty of medicine through DPH.

* Contact persons: Department Public Health (DPH)

Swiss TPH
Swiss Tropical Health &
Public Health Institute
Prof. Dr. Jürg Utzinger

Institute of Nursing Science
Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest

Swiss School of Public Health
Prof. Dr. med. Nino Künzli

European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas D. Szucs

Evidence-based Insurance Medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Regina Kunz

Institute for Biomedical Ethics
Prof. Dr. med. dipl. theol. Bernice S. Elger

Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit
Fachbereich Sport- und Bewegungsmedizin, Abt. Rehab. & Regenerative Sportmedizin
Prof. Dr. med. Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss

Centre for Primary Health Care
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Zeller